On the heels of his work in the “Iron Man” trilogy and accompanying “Avengers” films, Robert Downey, Jr. shows no signs of slowing down.  

He continues to command blockbuster salaries for his cinematic work as both an actor and producer, even as rumors swirl of a reprisal of his Iron Man character in the upcoming “Dr. Strange” movie.

While he earned just 500,000 for the first Iron Man movie, by the third film in the series, he increased his earnings to $70 million.

Downey, Jr., son of an underground movie director, has a long history in film and television. In his early career, he spent time as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member from 1985 to 1986. 

In 2000, he joined the cast of “Ally McBeal,” in a role that critics say saved the show. However, the gig only lasted a year as RDJ was written off the show for a DWI arrest in 2001.  

He wasn’t fired, however, and worked through the end of the season. His portrayal of Larry Paul earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor — Television.

The modern era RDJ is most noted for his turn as Iron Man in the Marvel trilogy of the same name. The actor took home a combined salary of between $396 and $435 million for his work in those films 

along with his appearances in four of “The Avengers” films, plus “Captain America: Civil War” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”