Since 2009 The Economist has collaborated with YouGov, an online pollster, to conduct a regular political poll. Each week, YouGov asks 1,500 adult citizens how they feel about a range of issues—from presidential job-approval, to relevant news events, to important government policy proposals and the state of the economy.

We have collected the results of each survey to present a series of interactive data visualisations that explores what America has thought about politics and policy for every week over the past decade.

Nearly 60% of Americans want abortion to always be legal or to be permitted with few restrictions, such as for late-term procedures, The Economist’s latest polling finds.

But a majority also support banning the practice after the first trimester. Comparatively few adults would be in favour of full bans on the practice, including only 12% who think it should be illegal to abort a baby to safe a mother’s life and 18% who think she should be made to carry a child to term even if it is the result of rape.

Whether Americans approve or disapprove of the job their president is doing is perhaps the single most frequently asked question in political polling.

 On average, presidents need to have an approval rating that is roughly five to ten percentage points higher than their disapproval rating to have a decent shot at re-election, or to put enough pressure on Congress to pass their agenda.

Anything less and they risk backlash from the public and the stalling of the government’s programme. In the chart below, you can see trends in presidential approval for the past three presidents and selected approval ratings for Mr Biden from different demographic groups.

Joe Biden began his presidency by passing a massively popular economic stimulus and covid-19 relief bill.