NCIS aired its Season 19 finale, and it was one for the books as a couple of key reveals set the stage for Season 20.

Alden Parker might be in mortal danger after the return of “The Raven” and the introduction of his ex-wife, but that’s not what had me talking after the finale.

I was actually stunned about the major development regarding Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer, which seemingly broke from the typical tradition of how romance plays out on the CBS series.

Just one episode after Knight and Jimmy confessed feelings for each other and had a coffee date, they decided to talk out exactly what all that meant for them.

As a hardened NCIS fan, I was fully prepared to see one of them decide to take a step back and nothing change between them, but the exact opposite happened.

They made out not once but twice in the crime lab after confirming that the dates meant a more to them than something casual, and it seems like they’re officially a couple.

If you’re an NCIS viewer who was around for the drawn-out cat and mouse game between Bishop and Torres and other past romantic pairings like Ziva and Tony

I’m certainly not mad about it, and eager to see what new ways this dynamic reinvigorates the show in Season 20.