Executive producer Steven Molaro explains how Brenda and Mary working together impacts George in Young Sheldon season 6.

The Big Bang Theory spin-off ended its most recent season with a tamer finale. Instead of concluding any of the plotlines it had been tackling all year

Instead of delivering on any much-awaited payoff, CBS mainly used the Young Sheldon season 5 finale as a launching pad for what's going to happen next for the Coopers.

After getting fired from their respective jobs, Mary was forced to go around town desperately looking for a new job.

George and Brenda's potential affair was the focus of Young Sheldon season 5's earlier episodes, stemming from their flirtatious evening in the season 4 finale.

With two more seasons of Young Sheldon already guaranteed, CBS has more than enough time to tackle this narrative.

Assuming that Mary retains her new job at the bowling alley with Brenda, then it will be interesting to see if she ever finds out about George's relationship with her.

Given this, expect that Young Sheldon season 6 will further delve into Brenda and George's evolving relationship and how it impacts the Coopers.