It's kind of hard to keep track of Britney Spears. For quite some time, all eyes have been on her Instagram as she shares content that's, well, confusing — or deletes her profile altogether.

Since the infamous head-shaving incident over 15 years ago, her personal life and career have been up and down like a roller coaster — as detailed in the documentary Framing Britney on 9Now.

Now, the songstress has won a long legal battle to terminate an oppressive 13-year conservatorship, that has dominated headlines for the past couple of years.

The singer has previously said of the conservatorship, that she "deserve[s] to have a life" and she's "not here to be anyone's slave."

Up until 2017, she was regularly performing and releasing new music despite being under full court-ordered control of her father.

But the last two years has seen #FreeBritney trending online, with celebrities like Paris Hilton even jumping on board to comment.

Britney's son revealed in an Instagram Live video last year that she'd probably never make music again, something the singer also hinted at in June 2021.

So, what's going on? Here's everything that's happened with Britney over the last decade and a half, to get her to where we are now — culminating in a triumphant court win.