Netflix's Heartstopper season 1 ended with a hectic Truham-Higgs Sports Day that left quite a few questions left unanswered.

Based on the webcomic by Alice Boseman who also serves as the writer for the breakout series, Heartstopper focuses on Truham Grammar School students Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson

The coming-of-age drama has been exceptionally popular and has already been renewed by Netflix for another two seasons.

Heartstopper chronicles Charlie and Nick's relationship as the friends begin developing feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Tao keeps accidentally buying an apple juice for Elle and it is clear they both miss each other at school.

The pair struggle to define their friendship and come to terms with staying friends while at different schools.

Despite Tara and Darcy's meddling at the milkshake triple date, Elle refuses to compromise her friendship with Tao.

Whether it's the intricacies of Charlie and Nick's relationship, or the depth of feeling between Elle and Tao, here's everything audiences need to know.