Crime drama True Detective hasn’t been on the air since the third season ran its memory-plagued course in 2019.

HBO Max subscribers who have wanted to see creator Nic Pizzolatto return with another season of dark, existential detective work have been waiting for roughly three years for another round.

Depending on who you ask, that wait may have been worth it. While Pizzolatto isn’t involved in Season 4 of True Detective at this time,

the Oscar-winning icon Jodie Foster has just been named as one of the stars of Season 4, as well as an executive producer.

Having portrayed one of cinema's most memorable investigators in Clarice Starling, Jodie Foster has reportedly been cast in the role of Detective Liz Danvers.

That said, this fourth season is still “in development,” with no clear debut or production dates in store.

Nic Pizzolatto will remain credited as an executive producer on Season 4 of True Detective, despite not being involved with the series’ production or creative efforts.

Even more exciting is the fact that Lopez is intended to add directing duties to her workload, should the season go forward.