The galaxy of heroes, villains, monsters, and tech from Star Wars has long fascinated fans and collectors -- especially when companies like Hasbro get involved. 

Producing everything from the retro vintage collections to the more detailed and impressive Black Series, Hasbro has become the source for bringing pieces of a galaxy far, far away into fans' homes. 

Hasbro was on hand at Star Wars Celebration to showcase some of their newest additions, ranging from new figures to an entirely new lightsaber based on one of the ones featured heavily in the newly released Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While attending Star Wars Celebration, CBR had an exclusive interview with Brand Director Patrick Schneider and Product Design Manager Chris Reiff to discuss Hasbro's newest Star Wars releases.

The pair detailed how they work with Lucasfilm on producing toys for characters who haven't appeared yet and what goes into selecting which characters come to life as part of something like the Black Series.

It's fantastic. Coming back to Star Wars Celebration... [I] think there's so much fun energy here, and everybody's just wanting to get out and be normal and be Star Wars geeks again, and we're right there with them.

Star Wars is just all about good triumphing over evil, and Star Wars fans are the best people on Earth. It's so great to be able to talk with them in person and hang out with them. So we're so glad to be back. It's been too long.

It's about what we and the fans feel passionate about. The opportunity to [make Favreau's figure] just made a whole lot of sense...