Following a massive attack by the alien forces of the Covenant, Paramount's Halo series sees Master Chief and his fellow Spartans preparing for their next encounter in Halo episode 6 

teasing one of the most powerful weapons from the games. While many of the Covenant's weapons are energy- and plasma-based, the UNSC does have a few advanced tech weapons of their own 

with one specifically used by Spartan soldiers. After this new tease, the Spartan Laser could be seen in future action sequences.

In Halo episode 6, the UNSC is recovering from the airstrike they suffered at the hands of the Covenant. Not only were waves of ground troops deployed consisting of Grunts,  

Jackals, Elites, and even a Brute, a squadron of Banshee aircraft was launched to strafe the UNSC's base and their command ship. 

Now, it looks as though Master Chief and his unit Silver Team intend to be ready for the next time they clash with the alien empire.

Seeing it in action would be very satisfying, especially after the Covenant's definitive victory in the previous episode.  

Considering the fact that the Halo's classic (and overpowered) Covenant Needler was teased before its full action-filled debut in a following episode