Deception and betrayal run rampant in Halo Season 1's penultimate episode, with its major characters firmly picking sides.

Ready to take the fight to the Covenant, the UNSC relies on Master Chief’s growing connection to Makee, unaware that the human refugee has been indoctrinated by the Covenant all along.

And while Dr. Catherine Halsey is answering for her crimes and the years of manipulation she has carried out, the unscrupulous mad scientist is not ready to go down without a fight of her own.

Master Chief and Makee are both haunted by their shared psychic vision of the Halo ring, while Master Chief takes Makee around Reach, still secretly observed by Halsey through Cortana.

This little tour is interrupted when the UNSC learns that a frontier colony on a different planet has been completely devastated by the Covenant.

Master Chief and Admiral Parangosky want to go on the offensive against the Covenant but Captain Jacob Keyes is skeptical

Master Chief fights the two other Spartans with Cortana providing as much support as she can while the battle intensifies.

Kai arrives in time to provide vital backup while Makee is taken into custody by Parangosky and the UNSC grounds Halsey’s getaway ride.