The Halo season 1 ending showcased a dramatic battle between the Spartans of Silver Team and the Covenant - and left the Master Chief in a dire situation

The Halo season 1 finale reveals the true purpose of the Keystones from Madrigaal and Eridanus II. They are designed to be combined at an ancient temple on the planet Aspero

Makee has never had any real reason to love humanity. Makee grew up on the junkyard world Oban as a child laborer,

and her last memory of her time there was of her closest friend being brutally killed by one of the guards for simply stopping to spend time talking with her.

Halo season 1 has rewritten Cortana's origin story, adding a very sinister dimension. Rather than be installed in a chip in the Master Chief's Spartan armor

Back on Reach, the UNSC successfully capture Dr. Halsey, who finally went too far when she committed treason in Halo episode 8.

David Wiener has taken over for season 2, and it's quite possible he'll want to pivot given mixed reception to Halo season 1.

which hasn't really captured audience attention - and didn't even feature in the Halo season 1 ending, making the first season as a whole feel rather disjointed.