Executive producer of Halo, Kiki Wolfkill, defends that controversial scene between Master Chief and Makee in season 1’s penultimate episode.

After only a brief glimpse of his head across all of the games, the series shows a lot more of the character—something exacerbated by the introduction of an original character, Makee (Charlie Murphy).

Makee is, presumably, the only human member of the Covenant and was captured by them as a child. Similar to Chief's capabilities with Forerunner artifacts

Halo episode 8, aptly titled “Allegiance,” sees Chief and Makee have sex while Cortana and Halsey watch.

It’s worth noting that Chief never has an explicit love interest in the Halo games, where his most important relationship is the one he has with Halsey’s flashed-cloned A.I., Cortana.

It’s easy to see why hardcore fans are annoyed by what is arguably a shoehorned romance that comes to an abrupt end in Halo’s season 1 finale.

Chief's ties to Makee as a stereotypical “Chosen One/Blessed One" subvert what franchise fans know of the character.

Thankfully, Halo and Schreiber’s astute performance does establish this aspect of Chief and John as wholly the soldier, hero, leader, and it will undoubtedly be capitalized upon in season 2.