Hacks season 2 kicks off with Deborah Vance suing Ava for violating the non-disclosure agreement in their contract, but this lawsuit can't go on for long.

The conflicted relationship between Deborah and Ava is the lifeblood of Hacks. However, this particular problem could put an end to their relationship, which is unlikely to happen.

This is because Deborah and Ava's dynamic is the foremost reason why Hacks season 1 was a sleeper cult hit, and why Hacks season 2 is a standout entry in HBO Max's May 2022 roster.

While there are many other cast members of Hacks who are much more loyal to Deborah, Ava is special because she is Deborah's only creative partner.

Without Ava, Deborah wouldn't have even known what to do after she lost her long-running Vegas residency in Hacks season 1.

In short, although Ava is desparate for work, Deborah stands to lose much more than Ava should their relationship come to a bitter end.

Hacks season 2 will soon see Deborah realizing that she can use Ava better without hanging a lawsuit over her head.

However, it won't be through the lawsuit, which Deborah is only using to teach Ava a lesson and to have her on a tighter leash.