This week, Heather wrote about Clare’s wee lesbian storyline on the final season of Derry Girls. Natalie led the whole team in a discussion about the latest season of The Circle.

It’s a wrap for Lina Esco’s run as Chris Alonso on S.W.A.T., as the actress announced her departure from the series to pursue other creative opportunities.

A few seasons ago, I would’ve been more disappointed by this news but it felt like the writers lost sight of what made Chris Alonso a standout among female characters in procedurals

Watching Chris be rescued or lectured by the men around her over these last few seasons grew tiring and I’m almost relieved by this exit.

I don’t know if it’ll pay dividends at some point but the “bisexual chaos” energy flowing off Zhilan Zhang this season on Kung Fu has become too great for me to not acknowledge.

It’s giving me Petra Solano vibes honestly…only, you know, with the occasional death and a lot more ass kickin’.

I know you’re not supposed to cheer for the bad guy — Zhilan was season one’s “big bad” — but…#SorryNotSorry. — Natalie

Mmm hmm, I sure have seen that episode of The Owl House and I’ve got a post coming your way about it tomorrow. — Heather