Grey’s Anatomy season 18 ended with an intense two-episode season finale that tied up many season-long storylines – here’s the medical drama’s ending explained.

While Shondaland’s long-lasting show was renewed for season 19, Grey's Anatomy season 18 delivered a two-part season finale that answered as many questions as it asked.

In doing so, it set up season 19 with challenges fit for a final season should Grey’s Anatomy season 19 to actually be the show’s last.

Grey’s Anatomy season 18’s main threat to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was its residency program being shut down,

Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) decision in Grey's Anatomy to leave the hospital to pursue a life and career elsewhere caused many problems for Grey Sloan. 

All these major Grey’s Anatomy season 18 storylines were carefully intertwined in the show’s season finale with the doctors’ bid to save the hospital’s reputation.

Grey Sloan Memorial’s historical residency program was as much part of the fabric of Grey’s Anatomy as a show as it was fundamental for the residents’ lives,

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 ending's twists and turns, and it will also shape season 19’s main challenges. Here’s every question Grey’s Anatomy season 18’s ending answered.