Like the vast majority of Batman-centric content in Warner Bros.' cross-media endeavors, Gotham Knights has to contend with the fact that many of the Dark Knight's  

In the last 10 years, the Joker alone managed to claw his way to the center of attention in several movies, video games, and TV shows. 

Gotham Knights' roster of villains looks as though it will leave the Clown Prince of Crime on the sidelines, but the confirmation of Mr. Freeze and Penguin  

suggests the new adventure from WB Games Montréal has once more crafted a tale centered around A-list Batman adversaries.  

There is hope that a few lesser-known rogues receive a chance to shine, though, given the game itself is already diverting focus away from the Dark Knight. 

Only a handful of foes have entered the spotlight in trailers for Gotham Knights, thus far, namely Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and the Court of Owls.  

The optimal way to solve the villain saturation issues that plague many a Dark Knight tale is by relying on more obscure foes.  

The same holds true for enemies such as Clayface, Mad Hatter, Professor Pyg, and the League of Assassins - the latter of whom were the equivalent of cannon fodder in Batman: Arkham City.