Michael might do something that would put Sonny’s life in danger. Sonny might even get very close to dying.

This would fill Michael with regret, but he will learn the lesson the hard way. What would Michael do? Here is everything about it.

In the recent General Hospital episode, Michael told Drew that Sonny wasn’t dead to him yet. Drew and Michael spoke about how he wants to crush Sonny,

and he wants him to know that he was behind it. Michael then insisted that he could get around the fact that Sonny had died.

Ever since this conversation happened, Drew got worried that Michael might do something that he would regret.

It is already weird that Michael would make a “get around to dying” comment about Sonny. It was figurative. But given how Michael is thinking and reacting lately,

we wouldn’t keep it past him that he would go as far as trying to kill Sonny. Michael is extremely angry with Sonny.

If Michael does something like this, the whole Corinthos family will be taken aback. They will not know how to react.