The Frasier reboot will finally have an opportunity to fix the issues in Lilith's relationship with Frasier. Despite there being no confirmation on Bebe Neuwirth's return for the continuation,

if her character Lillith does make an appearance the show can explore a new version of her dynamic with Frasier.

With Frederick moving on from school, there might be an opportunity for the relationship to be very different from the original show.

A spin-off of Cheers, Frasier follows the character of Frasier Crane melodramatically dealing with his family life and career with Bebe Neuwirth playing Frasier's ex-wife

Lilith comes to Frasier in season 10 episode 13 "Lilith Needs A Favor" in hopes of having another child with him without revitalizing their romantic relationship.

When Frasier ultimately refuses her offer, it is implied she employs the help of another suitable man to fulfill her desire. This is the final major milestone of their relationship in Frasier.

While Bebe Neuwirth isn't confirmed to return, she is undoubtedly a face that should be shown in Frasier Crane's life nearly two decades after the Frasier finale.

What type of dynamic they will be sharing in the revival is unknown, but if Lilith returns to Frasier the previous problems with her character cannot be repeated.