In the Firestarter reboot, Zac Efron's Andy struggled on the lam with his little girl, Charlie. He tried to teach her how to use her pyrokinesis after her mom Vicky got killed.

This led to a bloody showdown, which shaped an explosive ending that offered a lot of anguish for Charlie but also an important sliver of hope.

As Firestarter progressed, Irv saw the Shop's sinister fake news on the TV about Andy being a criminal and kidnapping Charlie, so he called the cops.

Irv got emotional hearing her speak his wife's words after he crashed their truck and paralyzed her, so this meant a lot.

As she tried to escape, Charlie met some agents in fire-retardant suits, but Rainbird shot them. He was in a cell after Hollister got pissed over his antics

However, she refused, not wanting to be the monster the Shop would have made her after they turned her parents into weapons via the Lot-6 drug.

She became the hero her parents wanted her to be, accepting she could use her powers for good. Rainbird was a pawn, after all, so this was her offering a second chance he couldn't waste.

It's why he found Charlie outside the compound in tears, picking her up. They walked off into the night, escaping to form a new partnership and maybe a new family.