Three seasons later, Fear The Walking Dead brings resolution to a poignant Charlie storyline. Following a surprisingly mild battle for the Tower

The sandy locale was discovered several episodes prior by Sherry, who planned to send Dwight away on an inflatable raft so he wouldn't turn into the man he became under Negan.

Ultimately, however, it was Morgan Jones who set sail, opting to find somewhere safe for baby Mo instead of gunning against Strand.

Morgan apparently set a trend, as "Amina" ends with every Fear The Walking Dead character except Alicia taking to water on a fleet of rafts, heading towards the unknown.

A series of farewells sees Alicia Clark share one last exchange with Charlie. Introduced in Fear The Walking Dead season 4, Charlie (played by Alexa Nisenson) originated as an antagonist

the undercover sister of a villain and the person responsible for killing Alicia's brother, Nick. They're thankfully on better terms by Fear The Walking Dead season 7,

and in an emotional final moment Charlie utters, "I got to do something I never thought I would... I finally got to see a beach."

By calling back to their beach promise, Fear The Walking Dead ensures there's no unfinished business between them.