While filming an episode of 1883 season 1, Faith Hill slapped country star Tim McGraw during an emotional scene.

depicting the back story of how the Dutton family first settled on the land that would later become the highly sought-after Yellowstone ranch

1883 was initially intended to conclude after the one season, but Sheridan has since decided to expand the franchise with a second season focusing on Bass Reeves, the legendary outlaw hunter.

The journey tested the Dutton's resolve numerous times resulting in several heated exchanges. However, one pivotal scene required Hill to get physical with her husband.

The scene in question occurred in episode 9, "Racing Clouds," where James revealed to his wife Margaret that their daughter Elsa.

the singer-actor appeared to look back fondly at those moments and complimented his wife's talent, adding, "She showed up every day and just blew me away. She elevated my game. Every day."

, it remains unclear whether or not the couple will reprise their roles for a second season because 1883 season 2 is set to focus on an entirely different character, Bass Reeves.

Regardless, the country singing couple has wowed audiences with their performances, and many critics regard them as contenders for Emmy nominations.