KITV updated the news to reveal that that the arrest came due to a complaint about a second-degree assault involving Miller.  

KITV then shared that the incident took place at a home in Pahoa just after 1:00 in the morning. Miller allegedly became enraged after being asked to leave 

they then threw a chair and struck a 26-year-old woman in the hear, which caused a half-inch cut. Miller was arrested half an hour later and released at 4:00 AM pending further investigation. 

This is the second incident in Hawaii involving the star behind Barry Allen, as Miller was arrested just over three weeks ago for harassing a couple in a karaoke bar.  

From reportedly choking a woman in Iceland in April 2020 to the first incident time they were arrested in Hawaii a few weeks ago 

Miller hasn't been able to keep themselves out of difficult situations off-camera. Reports hinted that Warner Bros.  

With this incident coming so soon after a different arrest for Miller, they are looking at some potentially serious repercussions for so much public controversy, which Warner Bros. 

As The Flash prepares for its long-awaited theatrical release next year, the time appears to be now for Miller to get the help they need and hopefully get their life back on track.