Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise helped revolutionize action horror and showed audiences just how chaotic and gore-filled horror films could be.

While the discussion hasn't impacted the importance of the original or the sequel, Ash Willams' actor, Bruce Campbell, has weighed in and given a seemingly definitive answer.

The Evil Dead focused on a group of friends spending time in a cabin in the woods. Although they were supposed to have a relaxing time

While the film has been considered something of a first attempt, an interview with Bruce Campbell explained how legal issues became the source of the confusion in both films.

According to Campbell, when they went to make the second film, they found out that the rights to the original belonged to New Line Cinema.

As Ash stepped out of the cabin at the end of the first film, it's believed that The Evil had finally been defeated, with the sunrise symbolizing a new day.

The debate of how both Evil Dead films are connected has been something that many fans have discussed and may still continue to be debated.

But should it turn out to be even slightly incorrect, the connection to Raimi's films could still be accepted as it helped further Ash's growth as a hero and how powerful and relentless The Evil is.