Naomi wrapped season 1 after 13 episodes — here is what to know about season 2, including which characters could return.

Naomi is currently one of the last Arrowverse series standing following the cancellations of Legends and Tomorrow and Batwoman.

The freshman show was a newcomer to The CW after it got a series order in 2021 and, similar to Stargirl, focused on a teenage girl who was coming into her power and identity.

Naomi McDuffie has seen her fair share of ups and downs throughout Naomi season 1. After realizing she had powers and came from another planet — Earth-29 – in the multiverse

It was more of a slow-burn, whereas series like The Flash and Supergirl typically centered on their respective heroes saving people in some kind of way

Naomi’s season 1 finale saw the teen hero choosing her own destiny after the truth of her identity was hidden from her for the majority of the season.

With season 1 over, here's what the future holds for Naomi season 2, including the series' renewal status and predicted release date.

Keeping the show on The CW’s midseason schedule makes sense because it only has 13 episodes, with season 2 expected to receive the same episode order.