Hulu's latest original movie Fire Island leaves the door open for a sequel and while there's no word yet on Fire Island 2, here's everything we know about a potential follow-up.

Fire Island stars Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang as Howie and Joel Kim Booster as Noah, two friends who go to the LGBTQ+ vacation spot with a large group of friends every year.

Serving as a modern riff on Jane Austen's novel Pride & Prejudice, Fire Island is a romantic comedy that sees Noah trying to get his friend Howie to hook up with someone.

In doing so, their group of friends encounters a group that looks down upon Noah, Howie, and their friends for simply being themselves.

Despite this, the group stays true to who they are and both Noah and Howie find a little bit of romance on their weeklong vacation.

Howie ends up with James Scully's Charlie, a doctor with a heart of gold who is consistently led astray by his friends.

Meanwhile, Noah finds himself equally enthralled and infuriated by Conrad Ricamora's Will, a stoic and stodgy guy who just needs to loosen up a bit.

Still, during their week on New York's Fire Island, they face some challenges, including the daunting prospect that this could be their last year coming to the island.