Season 7 of AMC's unique zombie end of the world side project is formally finished; here's beginning and end we are familiar Fear The Walking Dead season 8

Just a small bunch of episodes stay in The Walking Dead's fundamental series, however zombie fans shouldn't need to stress - a humiliation of side projects are arranged,

including Isle of the Dead, a Daryl Dixon solo experience, and a Rick Grimes film. Dread The Walking Dead will likewise lurch on, arriving at the amazing achievement of 8 seasons starting around 2015.

Dread The Walking Dead season 7 concerned itself to a great extent with the past season's (very strict) aftermath, an atomic no man's land further entangling the generally not so great undead climate.

Victor Strand rose to head of The Tower, however his local area fell. Morgan Jones assembled everybody after season 6's partition, yet at the same their submarine demonstrated excessively unsound.

Dread The Walking Dead's season 7 finale straightforwardly sets up the side project's next part, which was formally affirmed in December 2021 in front of recording in June 2022.

New battlefronts are set, new foes are made, and recognizable appearances return. This is the very thing that we know such a long ways about Fear The Walking Dead season 8.

While this switch is motivated by behind-the-scenes factors as much as narrative reasons, Morgan and co. are steadily gravitating back toward Alexandria and the community he left behind..