The franchise has been a huge success for Pixar but is Cars 4 likely to happen? The first Cars movie followed a talking race car called Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson),

who gets lost in a desert town on his way to a race and is forced to complete community service before he can leave.

The cocky race car eventually falls in love with the small town after spending time with the residents and learns a little humility.

While Cars wasn't quite as acclaimed as other Pixar efforts like Toy Story or Monsters, Inc, it was still a big success.

Cars also boasted a great cast, including the legendary Paul Newman and Michael Keaton (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Cars also launched a number of spinoffs, including numerous short films, video games and a movie franchise called Planes.

This series ran for two movies, and while a third entry was planned, it stalled following the closure of Disneytoon Studios.

The Cars franchise has collectively grossed over $1 billion worldwide — and much, much more in merchandise — so will Cars 4 ever happen?