Elliot actor Dominic Fike reveals that Euphoria creator Sam Levinson offered to kill off his character if he wanted to leave the show.

HBO's Euphoria has quickly become a massive hit and is now second only to Game of Thrones as the network's most-watched series.

Euphoria tells the story of a group of high school students as they navigate relationships, drugs, and violence.

While focusing mainly on Zendaya's Rue Bennett, the show also features a standout group of supporting characters, including Fike's Elliot.

First introduced in the opening episode of season 2, Elliot is somewhat mysterious, quickly bonding with Rue due to their shared addictions.

While the character is still mostly a supporting player in season 2, Fike has confirmed that Elliot will be returning in Euphoria season 3, which was recently given the green light.

Some fans have taken issue with the underutilization of Elliot in Euphoria season 2, with many hoping that the character will have more to do in future seasons instead of being killed off.

Euphoria fans may be better off not getting too attached, however, because it seems like Elliot could bite the bullet in a future season if Fike changes his mind about appearing on the show.