Beside being perhaps the catchiest tune in Disney's Encanto, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" likewise stows away the unmentioned uncle's greatest misfortune.

The film opened to a restricted dramatic run prior to getting basic and social praise when delivered on the Disney+ web-based feature.

However not named for the Oscar, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" immediately turned into a fan #1, becoming one of the film's most-streamed tunes close by "Surface Pressure."

The melody subtleties the family Madrigal's perspectives on black sheep Bruno - the secretive uncle whose fortune-telling powers have prompted him being faulted for each ruin in the family's ancestry.

To be sure, while "We Don't Talk About Bruno" at first seems, by all accounts, to be building a picture of the outsider uncle.

It was not Bruno's powers that caused his retreat into the house's dividers however his family's defamation of him.

This is exemplified in Camilo's section in the melody, as he depicts his uncle having a "seven-foot outline" with "rodents along his back" while changing into a malignant looking form of the person.

Camilo uncovered the Madrigals' well established apprehension about Bruno and stances one strategy that the family might have used to defame him while he stayed out in the open.