As one of the holiest days in Christianity, Easter is an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate getting through the past two years.  

The days of drive-through communion and YouTube services are fading, and people are gathering to celebrate. 

Egg hunts can be more expensive, but once they’re finished and the Easter feast nears, you might inevitably discover you’ve forgotten a key ingredient.  

Either way you should be covered, but if you're looking to do some Easter shopping, it's a bit more hit-or-miss.  

Walmart stores are open on Easter, a long-running tradition. Since the pandemic, stores have been closed on Thanksgiving for the last two years as well as on Christmas.

Many Dunkin' and Starbucks locations will be open for the holiday but expect hours to be limited.

Target is closed this Easter like in past years. Stores also will be closed every Thanksgiving moving forward, a decision announced in November.

Costco traditionally stays closed on major holidays including Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.