Dylan O'Brien reviews his ad libbed Zoom tryout with Larry David for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Known for his depiction of Stiles Stilinski on the MTV series Teen Wolf and for driving the Maze Runner

O'Brien played a fictionalized rendition of himself as a feature of Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11. In the episode named "Heavenly messenger Muffin,"

Chiefs propose that O'Brien would be ideal for the nominal job, highlighting his fame with youthful watchers. In any case, the tryout doesn't work out as expected when the two meet.

David starts by gently offending the musical crew that O'Brien is a piece of. Furthermore, as frequently is the situation with Curb Your Enthusiasm, things just heighten from that point

Toward the finish of the episode, and after various sad turns, David has cleverly severed another tie.

The entire Curb Your Enthusiasm episode fills in as a see for crowds concerning why David's most recent venture in the long-running HBO satire isn't probably going to make headway.

Save for a chosen handful film parts, and O'Brien's visitor job on sitcom New Girl, the Teen Wolf alum has kept a filmography generally centered around sort projects.

O'Brien's Curb Your Enthusiasm appearance denoted a return for the star to the happy and flippant jobs that carried him into the business in any case