Mirabel and Camilo may be close in age, but these characters are different when it comes to their gifts.

Here’s what we know about the ages of the Madrigal grandchildren featured in Disney’s animated film Encanto.

Most members of the Madrigal family were given magical powers. Camilo, one of the grandchildren in this family, can shapeshift.

Each character takes on a different role in this family. As noted by Mirabel, her primo Camilo “won’t stop until he makes you smile.”

He transformed into a mother from the village so she could relax while he took care of her child. He became “another José” to hang a banner.

Mirabel Madrigal, the narrator of Encanto, well, she didn’t receive a gift. She still helped out in her own special way.

The Casa Madrigal has every generation living under one roof. The main character of this film, Mirabel, is about 15 years old.

In one family are children Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio, each with specific roles in their family. The second eldest is Dolores, also an estimated 21 years old.