The Oriental Land Company, which operates Tokyo Disneyland, has announced that Space Mountain will permanently close as part of a planned renovation of that park's Tomorrowland.  

Space Mountain will be replaced by an "entirely new" version of the ride, which will retain its original indoor roller coaster concept 

but will feature more immersive special effects and enhanced performances. Space Mountain will close in 2024 and the new ride will open sometime in 2027. 

Space Mountain was originally built at Walt Disney World as an indoor roller coaster back in 1975. The ride has been replicated at every Disney park save for Shanghai Disneyland 

as the distinctive mountain-like building that houses the ride is usually one of the more prominent sights within various Disney parks 

Several other parks' versions of Space Mountain have received substantial overhauls, although this marks the first time that an original Space Mountain was replaced entirely. 

As for the rest of Tokyo Disneyland's parks, the new Tomorrowland will aim to blend Earth and the universe.  

According to the press release announcing the renovation, Tomorrowland's new plaza "will express the connection between Earth and the universe