Euphoria season 2 was always heading towards a tragic conclusion, but the potential death of Ashtray was a shocking turn of events that lays the foundation for Fez's journey in season 3

Ashtray was introduced as Fez's young sidekick in Euphoria season 1, a pre-teen drug dealer that proved to be one of the show's most outlandish additions.

This side included a propensity for intimidation and violence as Ashtray murdered Mouse, Fez's drug supplier, early on.

He also showed no hesitation in beating Cal Jacobs, Nate Jacobs' father, with the butt of a shotgun after he found Cal loitering around their home.

This was also coupled with an origin story of sorts for both Fez and Ashtray. Euphoria season 2 opened with an extended flashback centered around Fez and how Ashtray came to be in his life.

Of course, this was all setting up a potentially tragic ending for the beloved character in Euphoria season 2.

While the possibility of Ashtray is enticing thanks to Walton's excellent work in Euphoria, keeping him alive would feel antithetical to the ethos of the show

Ashtray's choice is, the house raid sequence is one of the most riveting of a much quieter episode that ended on a hopeful note for Zendaya's character Rue