Dexter may have run for eight seasons and a restricted recovery, however many fans actually believe season 4 to be the genuine series finale.

While other TV shows like Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother would later join the club of questionable series endings, the season 8 finale of Dexter.

At the point when Dexter found the Trinity Killer's personality, he got to know Arthur under the false name Kyle Butler.

which - albeit apparently unimaginable - delivered a significantly more disputable finale than the first.

Dexter season 4 saw the title chronic executioner take on his most exceedingly terrible enemy yet. Starting with the arrival of FBI Agent Frank Lundy,

Dexter Morgan and Miami Metro PD spent season 4 finding the Trinity Killer (AKA Arthur Mitchell), who had been killing in cycles for north of 30 years.

Neither the miscreants nor finales of Dexter seasons 5 through 8 could follow through on a similar effect and tension of Dexter and Trinity's contention.

The show would have kept a heritage untainted by two sub-par finales and character irregularities, which is the reason many fans consider "The Getaway" the informal series finishing.