Found footage has long been a staple of the horror genre thanks to 1999 horror classic The Blair Witch Project.

The early aughts saw an onslaught of found footage movies looking to capitalize on Blair Witch's success.

2020 movie Host seemed to revive the genre, crafting a taut horror movie perfect for the pandemic times in which it was released.

Now, the creative team behind that movie is back with another pandemic-set found footage horror movie, but Dashcam fails to capture the same magic as its predecessor.

Dashcam introduces protagonist Annie (Annie Hardy) in the midst of a livestream for her show BandCar, "The Internet's #1 Live Improvised Music Show Broadcast from a Moving Vehicle."

Annie opines about the state of the world at the onset of the pandemic, throwing around buzzy edgelord-esque quips about the government's mask mandates and quarantine lockdowns.

Sporting a MAGA hat as she makes her way across the globe, Annie eventually arrives at her friend Stretch's (Amer Chadha-Patel) house.

Instead, audiences are left with a puzzling mosaic of jump scares, one-note characters, and schlocky gore that will certainly disturb but won't leave much impact beyond its slim runtime.