While Michael Scott's dad was never uncovered in The Office, one Dark hypothesis recommends his personality is that of a disastrous Dunder Mifflin figure.

One of the main qualities of Michael's personality is the way that he frantically needs a spouse and family, which at long last occurs after The Office season 7 when he weds Holly Flax.

The Office constantly recommends that Michael's longing for a family that loves him originates from his disastrous youth.

All through Michael's almost 20 years at Dunder Mifflin, Steve Carell's personality rose from a sales rep to the provincial director of the Scranton branch.

While Michael's gullibility and youthfulness lead numerous to re-think how he had the option to accomplish his job as local director.

The Office likewise clarifies that Michael's longing to turn into a director really took structure when his stepfather, Jeff, said he regarded a chief's choice at a ball game.

Since Michael never made sense of his dad's name, some The Office fan speculations have attempted to translate his father's actual personality.

Notwithstanding, making Robert Mifflin his dad would likewise detract from one of Michael Scott's best saving graces in The Office.