A Criminal Minds revival, technically Criminal Minds season 16, is coming and it opens up the chance that Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) will finally return.

Two years after the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit's (BAU) final outing, the team is being re-assembled. This time, instead of being a network show, Criminal Minds season 16 will be on Paramount+.

The majority of the cast is returning for Criminal Minds, except for Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney; there is still no word of whether or not they are involved in the procedural's revival.

With Criminal Minds season 16 in development, it's fair to wonder if there are plans to reincorporate the former BAU chief into the procedural.

As the target of serial killer Peter "Mr. Scratch" Lewis (Bodhi Elfman), Hotch decided to enter witness protection to keep him and his only son, Jack, safe.

Considering the fact that the same core cast and crew are expected to return for Criminal Minds season 16, the chances of Gibson reprising Hotch are slim to none.

Admittedly, it would be great to see Hotch back. Despite Gibson's off-screen issues, his character was a great BAU chief as he perfectly played the calm and collected leader.

At this point, however, Prentiss has firmly established herself in the role and she does a great job with it. Given that, chances are that she will maintain that position in Criminal Minds season 16.