The series finale of Ozark left fans of the Netflix series divided. Many were glad Marty Byrde found a way back to Chicago with his kids

but a lot of the fan base was angry Ruth Langmore had to die for the Byrdes to get their ending. They deemed Ruth's death unfair

especially since the Byrde famiy didn't suffer any major consequences, despite their money-laundering and drug empire killing and hurting so many other people.

Showrunner Chris Mundy told TVLine that killing Ruth wasn't an easy decision. Half Ozark's writers wanted Ruth to live, but he felt like her death would prove how capitalism usually won

It was infuriating to kill Ruth right when she brokered a truce, inherited Wyatt and Darlene's estate and taken the casino for herself. She was owed this happiness not just because the Langmores died

Thus Ruth becoming the boss was a statement for the town, and also for someone who helped Marty, built her own-mini empire from scratch and saved many of the Byrdes, including Wendy.

Clare would then have offered stock in the company (per the deal she brokered with Javi initially) to new cartel boss Camila, ready to accept "the price of doing business

She'd be hoping no one found out she ultimately ended up like her sinister brother, who'd draped the company in controversy years before.