The news has hit Black Twitter like a hurricane with several media personalities reportedly confirming that Samuels died by way of a heart attack. These reports are unconfirmed.

Samuels is best known for his misogynist views and for saying that Black women will die alone. Most recently he made comments that angered many, after calling unmarried women past age 35 “leftovers.”

““If you have made it to 35 and you are unmarried, you are a leftover woman,” Samuels said. “You are what is left. Men know that there is likely something wrong with you. 

Whether you want to hear it or not, I’m going to go there with you. I’m telling you the truth that you don’t want to hear.

Men know that there is likely something wrong with you—that you can not be an adjustable six or higher—something is wrong with you.

 That’s where men automatically come with it. And here’s the thing—when you were between the ages of 22 and 25 and you didn’t want to settle—you were trying to get the CEO, the pilot, the investment banker, you were trying to get flewed out…”

Kevin Samuels, 56, the controversial YouTuber who rails on Black women with jaded advice, has reportedly been confirmed dead by Revolt Black News May 5.