All Elite Wrestling World Champion CM Punk could address the Ontario, Cali., crowd during Friday night’s episode of Rampage, his eyes were bright red.

As tears developed around his corneas, it was easy to know what was going through the Second City Saint’s mind. And he hadn’t opened his mouth.

Five days after winning AEW’s top title, Punk’s been sidelined with a foot injury that requires surgery.

He hasn’t relinquished the title however, as the company will name an interim champion. There’s an obvious choice as to who that man should be.

If Wednesday’s promo on Dynamite wasn’t completely a shoot, and AEW President Tony Khan would be an idiot to let someone as vicious with the gift of gab as MJF have a mic on live television without at least some knowledge of the insults he was going to spew, there’s one direction for AEW’s No. 2 minute-by-minute draw to go with No. 1 heading to the shelf. Of course, MJF pointed that out himself.

There’s one spot for MJF to enter with the bracket set up to crown an interim champion, Wednesday’s battle royal.

Him being shady and somehow entering that match and winning it is simple.

 Then he beats No. 1 contender Jon Moxley later that night and goes on to Forbidden Door and wins the strap, by likely pinning Hiroshi Tanahashi. What a resume-building win that would be.