Thor: Love and Thunder is setting records and making MCU history ahead of its July release, which goes far beyond it being the first time an MCU solo hero has gotten a fourth film.  

Its debut trailer dropped just 82 days before the film’s release (a historically short marketing window), and it managed to bring in the fourth-most views ever for a trailer released online. 

Along with Love and Thunder's ground-breaking moment as a fourth solo movie, it will also break barriers and set new standards for representation in comic book films.  

Tessa Thompson will represent the LGBTQ+ community as King Valkyrie and Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster becomes the new Thor in the MCU during her first starring MCU role in nine years. 

To many, Jane lifting Mjolnir looks like Marvel’s way of phasing Chris Hemsworth‘s God of Thunder out of the Avengers roster.  

This, combined with the movie’s main villain being Gorr the God Butcher, has many fans questioning whether Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will make it out of his fourth MCU movie alive.  

Despite this, a popular industry source is claiming that the MCU still has more in store for the Thor that fans adore. 

Movie industry YouTuber John Campea recently claimed that one of his sources says Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will appear in the MCU again after Love and Thunder.