The Chicago Fire season 10 finale might see Casey and Brett breaking up. It hasn't been easy for the pair as they are forced to do a long-distance romance.

But after making things work, given their complicated set-up, the time may have finally come to accept that things between them will never work given their current predicament.

NBC is staging the much-anticipated Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide wedding in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale.

Given how big of a milestone this is for the couple, Firehouse 51 is going all out to support the long-term pair,

who has pushed back tying the knot a couple of times until they finally realize that they need to make the jump.

The pair's relationship was pretty new when Casey decided to leave Chicago and move to Portland, Oregon, to care for his fallen fellow firefighter Andrew Darden's sons.

While Chicago Fire will return next season, there hasn't been any word if there are already plans for Casey to come back to Chicago again.

otherwise, it would only be frustrating to see Brett continue her life in Chicago and maintain this long-distance relationship that she is struggling with.