It appears that the Pirates of the Caribbean days are done, at least for Johnny Depp. The actor has promptly said he is not willing to return to the character at any given time in the future. 

The franchise currently has five entries, and given that the actor stars in all of them, could it have any future without the infamous Jack Sparrow?

Pirates of the Caribbean was once one of Disney’s most successful live-action franchises. The first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl 

broke the pirate movie curse that haunted unsuccessful past pirate movies while basing its story on a Disneyland park ride.  

Yet, it was Johnny Depp and his role of Jack Sparrow that enchanted audiences, who later were willing to pay and watch him reprise the role for another four installments.

Despite lower figures at the box office with Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disney was willing to move forward with further films.  

Disney will not be able to replace a charismatic role such as Jack Sparrow. The solution might be to focus on an entirely new character or group of characters that can shift the attention from the past entries. 

there has been no sustaining news about such a project, nor any confirmation that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will ever be made, having been stalled for years.