Bob Odenkirk celebrates his co-star Patrick Fabian after Better Call Saul’s mid-season finale, “Plan and Execution."

Better Call Saul is now halfway through its final season and is on a short hiatus until it returns with its next episode on July 11th.

The show is expected to conclude the story of the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe for now, which has dominated TV screens for over a decade.

Throughout the entirety of season 6, Kim and Jimmy have been attempting to bring down Fabian's Howard Hamlin, their ex-boss, through a meticulously detailed plan.

In the aftermath, Howard confronted both Kim and Jimmy in their home, where he was killed by cartel drug leader Lalo Salamanca, when the two halves of Kim and Jimmy’s legal world finally collided.

Now, Odenkirk has taken to Twitter to celebrate the release of the episode, as well as Fabian’s starring role in it as Howard.

The actor's kind words are accompanied by a selfie of the two actors, which shows Fabian in costume as Howard, with blood caked on the side of his head.

This fate was hinted at after Kim took the contact card for Ed Galbraith, also referred to as the Disappearer, in the preceding episode.