From the director of Sinister comes a chilling new horror to arrive in June 2022 called The Black Phone which might actually be hinting at a shared universe between both films.

. From its darkly unique themes and props directly reminiscent of 2012 hit Sinister, there is possibly more than just homage to explain the similarities and connections.

Sinister follows the story of the Oswalds, an average family, who move into a house they later learn is cursed by a dark force

Horror actor Ethan Hawke, playing crime writer Ellison Oswald, attempts to uncover the mystery of the snuff films found in his new home only to discover

In a similar vein, The Black Phone's narrative revolves around a villainous antagonist's hunt for children. Ethan Hawke returns to star under Derrickson's direction,

this time as the antagonist himself, The Grabber, who is a malicious serial killer that preys on kids. His latest victim, Finney Shaw, receives phone calls from prior victims through a broken phone

located in the basement he's held captive in. The Black Phone is an adaptation based on the novel of the same name written by Joe Hill, the son of master horror novelist Stephen King.

Horror icons like Freddy and Jason Vorhees were famously and successfully woven into the same universe in Freddy vs. Jason, so it isn't impossible it could be done for Sinister and The Black Phone.