Producer Steven Molaro reveals The Big Bang Theory star's role in the Young Sheldon season 5 finale. The CBS comedy is down to its last episode of the season.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like things will get better for Sheldon and his family before Young Sheldon season 5 wraps up.

CBS is preparing a special Young Sheldon season 5 finale for fans as its premiere comedy. The Big Bang Theory's ongoing year has already involved a couple of milestones

For its season capper, the show is bringing The Big Bang Theory star, Teller, who previously played the role of Amy's dad.

In the Young Sheldon season 5 finale titled "A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future," the creatives decided to personify Sheldon's first pimple, marking the beginning of his puberty.

This isn't the first time Young Sheldon deviated from its grounded storytelling. In season 3, CBS brought The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco to voice the pool water that Sheldon was dreading for PE

Penn and Teller's voice cameo in the Young Sheldon season 5 finale is an indication that the episode will also substantially focus on Sheldon and his personal arc.

Meanwhile, George ad Mary's worsening fights are also taking a lot of the show's screentime. Young Sheldon Season 5 airs Thursdays on CBS.