Better Call Saul serves up a gut punch in the season 6 mid-season finale, but when the final season returns

During season 6, Howard is the main target for Jimmy and Kim's scheme - who seek to ruin Hamlin's reputation rather than reap him for any financial gain.

Their dedication to seeing the scheme prevail demonstrates Kim truly breaking bad, and Jimmy immersing himself into his Saul Goodman persona.

The scheme is always going to have consequences, however, but Jimmy did not imagine that it would be Lalo Salamanca, reappearing from the dead, gun in hand.

When first introduced to Better Call Saul, Howard Hamlin is easily disliked. Successful, sleek, and smug - Howard's the antithesis of Better Call Saul's protagonist Jimmy McGill.

This demeanor and Howard's white knight complex is the main reason why Jimmy and Kim went after him in the first place

A troubled marriage, meetings with a therapist, a no examples of genuine ill-will morph Howard into a very sympathetic character, arguably one of the most moral on the show.

Even beyond this, however, there are actually several reasons why Howard Hamlin's death is even more tragic than it seems.