Nobody emerges from Better Call Saul season 6's boxing match with their dignity intact, but Howard should count himself lucky Hutch Mansell didn't step into the ring on Jimmy's behalf.

Better Call Saul is renowned for its suspenseful drama, exquisite characterization, and the occasional desert shootout.

After discovering Jimmy has been framing him for all sorts of unpleasant shenanigans, Howard challenges his fellow lawyer to a macho fight.

It's a tonal departure, no question there, but also super-orchestrated in a TV series where fights usually erupt under more natural circumstances.

Better Call Saul's boxing match scene is weirdly out of place - but gets even weirder when considering Bob Odenkirk's recent movie output.

completely transformed from a New Mexico lawyer as intimidating as a bridal bouquet into an absolute badass who'd give John Wick a run for his blood money.

Better Call Saul has by now earned the benefit of the doubt. Season 6's boxing scene might seem superfluous and baffling right now, but maybe the bout somehow plays into future events.

Might Jimmy bribe the referee to testify Howard committed a brutal assault? Or was it just a very weird boxing scene with no further meaning to the plot?