Why does Kim lie to Jimmy about Lalo Salamanca's death in Better Call Saul? Previously in Better Call Saul season 6

Kim Wexler heard directly from the district attorney's office that Lalo Salamanca had been killed, prompting a huge sigh of relief from both her and Jimmy McGill.

Though Jimmy defended Lalo in court and delivered his bail money as requested, the lawyer also became embroiled in Gus Fring's plot to assassinate the charming Salamanca.

News that Gustavo Fring's assassination attempt on Lalo had gone smoothly threw a blanket of relative calm over Jimmy and Kim's lives, but back in Better Call Saul season 6, episode 4

Mike ripped that blanket right off. Meeting Kim in a diner after she clocked the men tailing her, Mike revealed Lalo Salamanca had survived and was on the run.

Whereas Jimmy once mistakenly believed Kim was ill-equipped to handle his shady new business dealings, Better Call Saul season 6 now finds Kim protecting Jimmy.

Lying to Jimmy about Lalo's death could play into Kim's Better Call Saul ending, and also explain why she doesn't feature in Breaking Bad. Choosing to tackle the Lalo problem herself

Better Call Saul's "Black & Blue" also sees Gus Fring lay the groundwork to lure Lalo into a final showdown at the superlab site. Could Kim Wexler help Gus spring that trap?